A downloadable MLG99 for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Baldi's Basics™ - Free Exclusive Edition

WATCH OUT! In the 90s opens a school of baldi basics (original from mystman12)
 with sounds and designs based on dank memes or mlg of the internet, his friend has a terrible problem, 
the protagonist must look for all notebooks for him, CARE DON'T LET BALDI CATCH YOU.

And Remember: You Can't Hide In the future of Dank Memes (MLG)

Created By Limon Games: https://free-exclusive-edition.webnode.cl/

Original Credit:https://paulor94.itch.io/bbrms-the-6-classes


{Update 7} [Official] Baldi's Basics™ - Free Exclusive Edition.rar 741 MB


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https://i-made-this-for-no-reason.itch.io/daves-house-free-exclusive-edition plsy this please

Make Gameplay my custom map experience PLZ?!!! https://xgames9000.itch.io/baldi-basics-free-exclusive-edition-custom-map-experience

b r u h

This mod is alot worse than Aidan Dang

Not is worse 

Boi it's criticism.

You Can Make Fan Arts or not?!

sadly, no

Roblox Map?

heres art that i made for you mr xgames


make a zero suit jumptime with muscles

ok soon but working on model for baldi for people to download

tomorrow im tired now bye

cool I love this mod. cant wait for test pixeled and brush child and spinner girl to make appearance


Play my alpha xgames9000.itch.io/baldis-basics-free-exclusive-edition-alpha-1

ok but just saying cant wait for more characters


why the paulor 94 is always work add more characters

yeah I mean if a newer map contains testdithered and cloudy copter characters than maybe a plandy character could be a different custom version by you like make him corrupt file0 and then your slender baldi can be the slender baldi


About The Event of the Alpha Version

Hi everyone!

Since the new game for quality competency has been officially announced by myself, I thought I would give you more details about what it will be and how it can help. Yes, the community really plays a role in this, a big part!

I have made a kind of alpha number 1 game of baldi's basics free exclusive edition, with hidden events everywhere. Some of them are hidden by riddles and tricks so complicated and deviant and so dark that my mind will not have the chance to find them alone! That's why, at the beginning of the one-day broadcast of Baldi's Basics fans, I'm going to launch the alpha game (obviously free) on itch.io, GameJolt, indieDB and gamebanana, giving ALL several hours to play the game. Play and look for secrets! That way, when mediagamesguide plays it, everyone can bombard it with the secrets to find the most valuable prizes, as well as any other advice or trick he has discovered! Whatever the total of that if a fan at the end of its quality transmission, that's how much I have to donate!

Of course, there will be some guidelines for this. I will post the rules for this next week and update those guidelines and rules until the transmission begins, so all of this is subject to change as the project evolves.

But one thing is for sure, you'll be playing a role! The Baldi's Basics community and everyone who wants to help will be the first to get the game, so it's up to you to find the secrets, the treasures and the great prizes!

Now, I know that I have done some furtive things before (like writing 31871 in version 1.4.1 of baldis basics), but I will admit that I have overcome myself here and, honestly, they do not have many possibilities. I feel pretty sure that I won't have to donate much, and I can keep my cash. You may have to give up $ 9,000, $ 1,000,000. But just for the sake of the conversation (not that this is possible for any of you), will I donate up to half a million dollars if MediaGamesGuide can find it.

We see today :)


B R U H . . .


That's Right We the Baldi's Basics Free Exclusive edition You never be alone again!, it's garanteed! with exclusive events you always watching you that, now try hours of fun fun fun entertaiment and EducationShift!, You can't Hide in the future of dank memes, a special delivery who making jump with excelent!, Let's play today!, Don't miss in offerts and remeber: 'we always watching for you!' ;) 


Keep in mind that this Baldi's Basics Mod  is nothing more than a 2020 themed add-on, which has absolutely no hidden intent or purpose, so have fun.


but could you stop stealing peoples characters and ideas for your own thing


I Never Steal! Not The Big Surprise!

then what is that speaker box person with wheels that looks similar to talkery?


dude please understand that this mod rip's off the characters on purpose


okay, guess its a coincidence that your talkles character looks a lot like https://baldi-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Talkery


create Talkles in fandom soon :)




I need fix Burnt Malware Event ;_;



The elevator is fixed





stop putting pressure on poor lucas, its like once he draws one thing you force him to draw another

guys he's asking for a version with the new characters. not to redo it


The Update 3 is now avalible on Gamejolt 🙏



you want upload my update 3 tomorow? :)

Baldi frown GIF animation






(1 edit)

My Baldi GIF animation

The Update 3 is finish! 😃

oh hallou welcome to my camping


The sharedassets3 textures is finish!, i need sounds for  3rd update!. ;_;

let's play :3

welcome to my school of dead memes

i'm Working Update 3! :)


Is finish and is relasing in 1/2/2020



give me an audio from the mad bully plz

Use the UABE and extract Audioclips

ok thanks

Here is my Baldi:


you can make fan arts???!!!


did you like it


Make a burnt malware killing the player  fan art PLZ


Deleted 49 days ago

with paint no 3D fanart

I can (maybe)

THERE are a mister miker fanart

Next JumpTime

just a fanart from the best mod

make a mr. miker fan art

(2 edits)

This custom map has got an update. I update it to V2.1 so now it has an Elevator Intro and Outro along with some bug fixed. Also as people said that naming this mod like this is not a good idea so here's some idea for the new name of this mod that can be less illegal:

- Baldi basic in dank memes and MLG

- Baldi basic in the future of dank memes

I'll play soon lol

(1 edit)





TalklesLocker Guy


Hello Xgames9000 hey look you project in gamebanana (I'm don´t trashed your game) 

2 new characters:


-Locker Guy

don't you mean talkery, that character made by mango mountain on fandom whos character does not belong to you

no talkles is his version of talker he makes his own versions of every character. if you look closely you will see similaritys to every baldi character

I am saying he is basically ripping off a character that does not belong to him and not give credit, I don't care if the names are different, its still ripping it off and he is not giving credit what so ever


I don’t think it’s very cool calling this “Baldi’s Basics™ - Free Exclusive Edition” Could you please change the name so you’re not ripping off the real Baldi’s Basics.

I CAN'T :(

Admin (1 edit)

I know you’re trying to make a parody but I believe it’s being done in poor taste. Do not upload content that is designed to mislead others. Do not upload other people’s work unless you have explicit permission from them. I unlisted this project from our browse and search pages until we can come to a resolution. Review the terms of service here: https://itch.io/docs/legal/terms#3-acceptable-use If you want to talk more in private you can contact our support team.

If it wasn’t clear, I’m an administrator on itch.io. Thanks

Sorry BYE

New Coming Character: "Locker Guy"

What he's going make in the game?




That's a nice mod of my custom map.

Does the random maps series have secret endings?


It's the end where you get all answers wrong?


I tried, but is really hard!